Canadian Flavor

It is with a heavy heart and many sleepless nights that the ownership group at Montreal Subs will be ceasing operations for the foreseeable future.

Managing the current market and many other issues are our primary concerns. The management team cannot counter without raising our prices to levels making our products unaffordable to many of our customers.

What really is discouraging is we are not talking tens of thousands of dollars. It’s making some internal changes that drops our costs to keep us competitive and profitable. Also, we have witnessed the commercial property market raise rates despite the current economic downturn, inflation, and overall cost increases.

In 2025 our team will revisit operating Montreal Subs. Our team believes there is a possible solution, but until those issues can be solved, we cannot deliver the product that our current customers expect and new customers’ demand.

Our team wants to thank everyone that supported Montreal Subs. We worked hard to provide the best tasting subs. We hope to return in the future, so lets see what happens. Never say never again.

Montreal Subs Management Team